Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall
Councillor, Allotments Manager, Plans, Representative on Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils
Phone: 0118 9723631
Location: Chalkhouse Green

Sarah Hall was born in Northamptonshire in 1943, but has lived at Chalkhouse Green with her husband and four sons since 1969. There she runs a small farm specializing in rare breeds, selling free range beef and pork from the farm. A passionate gardener, tree planter and conservationist, she encourages visitors to the farm both on private visits and on Open Days.

Sarah is in favour of less government at all levels and a pruning of the tottering piles of paperwork and over-regulation imposed by distant legislators.

With Reading pressing on the Parish boundaries, she is vigilant in helping to preserve the rural character of the five hamlets, strongly opposing a potential third bridge across the Thames, disgorging traffic onto local roads. Yet she wishes to encourage affordable housing for local people within the village envelopes on suitable agreed sites. She also supports sustainable commercial outlets to benefit the local community and provide employment.

Sarah is guardian of the green recycling boxes. If you need another box (or two?) please telephone her on 01189 723 631.