Andy Gitsham

Andy Gitsham

I’ve been a resident in Tokers Green for 20 years next year and it’s safe to say I love the area! The parish is a beautiful rural area and we are privileged to live somewhere that has maintained its character, beauty and identity during the time I’ve lived here.

My interest is around maintaining and enhancing the villages and ensuring our voices are heard and actioned against. We’ve come to a point where many pressures risk both the community, its character and its rural nature. I’m keen to bring my energy and passion to help ensure the voice of the Parish is heard.

A little about me. I live with my wife Riz and our 2 year old son Adam who is already becoming a huge fan of the wealth of nature we have in the area. I’ve worked at Microsoft for over 25 years and currently hold the role of IT Director in the UK.

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