At the Parish Council Meeting on 19th July, the council discussed the public meeting held on 7 July, to consider having a neighbourhood development plan (NDP) for the Parish.

We are now going ahead with the plan. This page will be updated regularly.


NDP survey – online version

Dear Parishioner Welcome to the Kidmore End Parish NDP Household Survey We would like...

Copy of Report of the Chairman of the Parish Council 2017-2018-3

NDP Household Survey general information

Kidmore End Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Household Survey   We are now at the...

kidmore end ndp household survey

NDP household survey briefing session

Following the first NDP meeting in July, a number of residents offered to volunteer...

kidmore end parish council-7

NDP March 2018 Update

Here are the notes of 6th NDP steering group meeting held on...

kidmore end parish council-5

NDP February Public Consultation Meetings

Thank you all for coming to the meetings we held in February....

kidmore end parish council ndp feb update

NDP February 2018 update

Here are the notes from the meeting held by the NDP Steering...

kidmore end parish council-3

NDP January 2018 Update

Here are the notes from the meeting held by the NDP Steering...


New Kidmore End Parish Boundary accepted

Following the consultation period which took place for 6 weeks starting December...

kidmore end parish council

NDP November 2017 Update

The NDP steering group met again in November, at a time when...


Public Notice: Kidmore End Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation Publicity Period

Kidmore End Parish Council have submitted a proposal for a neighbourhood plan...

What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood development plan, known as a neighbourhood plan, is written by local people, ‘made’ or adopted by the district council and becomes part of the development plan, which helps to decide planning applications. It takes national planning policy and guidance into account and is ‘in general conformity’ with the district’s planning policy.

Who prepares a neighbourhood plan?

Most neighbourhood plans in this district are prepared by town or parish councils but parish meetings need to set up a neighbourhood forum. This is made up of 21 or more people who live, work or run a business in the neighbourhood area. They have similar neighbourhood plan writing powers as town or parish councils.

If your neighbourhood plan meets basic conditions, set out in law and checked by an independent examiner, your community will have the opportunity to vote on the plan at referendum. If more than 50% of the people who vote say ‘yes’ the district council will formally ‘make’ your plan and use it to help decide planning matters.